How to check Version of ‘Parasolid Text File’

You can check the version of a parasolid file. It is possible to check such information for the Parasolid text file only, not for parasolid binary file.

Open a Parasolid text file in notepad or any text reader/editor.

Search for the word “SCH”

Result will highlight one of the lines as “SCH=SCH_2901224_28101″

This line indicates the Parasolid version. In above example

Parasolid Version = 29.01

Build = 224

Note: For same NX/Parasolid version, build number will depend upon the installed patch of NX.

Also the same can be located from the line which will look similar as shown in the image.

“modeller version 290122423 SCH_2901224_28101_1300″

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