Siemens NX – Switching between layout ‘Classic Toolbar’ and ‘Ribbon Toolbar’ (NX 9/10)

Note: This is applicable to NX 9 and 10 only as “Classic Toolbar user interface on Windows is removed in NX 11”.

In NX 9 and 10, a user can switch between the layout ‘Classic Toolbar’ and ‘Ribbon Toolbar’.

It can be done by

Menu > Preferences > User Interface Layout: User Interface Environment section, you can select the ‘Ribbon Bar’ or ‘Classic Toolbar’.

If the ‘User Interface Environment’ section is not visible, then change the settings as described below

File > Utilities > Customer Defaults Gateway > User Interface > Layout

Change the “User Interface Environment” option to ‘User Preference’.

If the setting in Customer Defaults is set to either ‘Ribbon Bar Only’ or ‘Classic Toolbar Only’, then the ‘User Interface Environment’ options will be removed from the User Interface Preferences.

Also note that the user will not be able to change the options if the ‘User Interface Environment’ customer default option is locked by the system administrator.

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